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PILIC, Igor (Mr)
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AIM Prijedor doo

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Project Proposal


Type Details: VT Multi-Tiller is accessory machine for monophase complex agro technology. VT Multi-Tiller is used in soil preparation and sowing as a replacement for several other accessory machines. With the VT Multi-Tiller, the goal achieved is a surface and in-depth processing of soil by one-time passage of machinery. It is based on an innovation in the mode of processing, by drilling, inverting, dispersion and crunching, that provides softening and granulation, thus facilitating the seed-soil contact. The process runs in such manner that the aggregated bores, driven by transmission mechanisms, drill frontally, cutting off and breaking the spiral layers, which are then, when bores retreat, mixed and grind to a crumb-like structure. This achieves the primary goal in production, and that is to make the soil ready for sowing with only one passage of machine over the ground. Operational depth can be arranged, and the process allows mixing of surface plants and plant residue with the soil. The principle is an innovation in agrotechnology, and gives new and key advantages. The operation of multilayered condensation and flattening of homogenized soil provides proper layout and connection of seeds with soil, capillary structure, faster growth and transformation, suiting the demands of particular species for soil density above and below the laid seed. VT Multi-Tiller improves the conditions for sustainable exploitation of the soil and multiplies its exploratory duration as well. The proposal consists of 3 parts: 1. Providing the development concept and expertise for manufacturing of VT Multi-Tiller, 2. Manufacturing of 17-18 prototypes of VT Multi-Tiller, 3. Testing the above-mentioned engineering and technological characteristics of VT Multi-Tiller in different geographical and agro-cultural conditions in Europe and neighboring regions, 4. Evaluating on the research results.

Programme (Collaboration EU R&D): FP7-COOPERATION

Expiry Date: 2012-05-28

Target Partner

Expertise: The prototypes should be tested by respectful research institutes in EU and neighboring regions. They should be tested in production of the various plant cultures at the experimental soil parcels. The given results should be compared with the conventional technologies in soil preparation and sowing and the comparative analyze study should be made based on that results. The study should include: 1. physical, biological and chemical characteristics of the soil - the fertility of the soil, 2. natural indicators of the correspondence between the yield and cropping, 3. economical results with financial indicators, 4. results in the organizational aspect in the company. In order to have as effective research as possible, and in order to present its result in the form of scientific research study, the necessary conditions to conduct this research project are that it is lead from the person with the adequate research rank, and that his/ her team is composed from the respectful researchers from the fields of agro-mechanics, agro-technology, agro-economy, pedology and the management of the technological processes. The key requirements for the potential research partners are that they have not then 10 years of the experience in the field and that they are able to test the VT Multi-Tiller on the area not smaller than 2500 ha. The research process should be conducted from the experienced researchers with the valid research license. The requirements for the manufacturer of the VT Multi Tiller prototypes are to be able to manufacture the complicated metal constructions in compliance with the project documentation, to have the qualified welders and assemblers of the metal construction, to offer the guarantee period for the quality of the construction for 5 years, and to be willingness to bear the service and repair cost during the guarantee period.

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AIM Prijedor doo

Name: AIM Prijedor doo

Department: Research and Development Department

Address: P.P. Njegosa 16


Type: Industry; Research; SME (Small or Medium sized Enterprise); Consultancy

Number of Employees: < 10

Keywords: Manufacturing and testing of VT-Multi-Tiller in agro-technological operations

RCN: 87182

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