Novel bioreactors and improved bio-processes for stem cell production

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Lonza Ltd.

Contact Person

NELSEN-SALZ, Birgit (Dr.)
Senior Manager Innovation
Lonza Ltd.
Telephone: +49-221-991990


Project Proposal

Title: Novel bioreactors and improved bio-processes for stem cell production

Type Details: KBBE.2012.3.3-03: Mastering integration and intensification of bioprocesses Call: FP7-KBBE-2012-6
Manufacturing cells under cGMP for therapeutic applications is at the core of Lonza's Cell Therapy business. The design and execution of flexible production space provide the ability to accommodate a wide variety of ex vivo cell and tissue production approaches. Lonza has extensive experience with cell isolation, selection, expansion, and the manufacture of products for both autologous and allogeneic cell based therapies. Such products include mesenchymal precursor cells, other fat and bone marrow-derived stem cells, cord blood cells and differentiated cells such as fibroblasts, keratinocytes, and muscle derived myoblasts. Lonza has taken the manufacture of Cell Therapy products to an industrial level using existing technologies and has accumulated a significant expertise in the field.

To serve future markets, novel reactor concepts and continuous production processes are required for cell production so that the anticipated large need for cell therapy products can be served using scalable manufacturing processes. Concomittantly, technologies for online monitoring and controlling bioreactors as well as downstream processing will be required and should be developed. Suitable and scalable manufacturing processes for cell therapy products will ensure a ready supply of product/stem cells and likely reduces cost of goods so that, importantly, such therapies may become available broadly.

Programme (Collaboration EU R&D): FP7-KBBE

Expiry Date: 2011-11-15

Target Partner

Expertise: We are looking for partners (especially SMEs) with expertise in
A) Mass cell cultivation and characterization
B) Microarray analysis to characterize products in-depth
C) Cell culture in various scale-up systems
D) Predictive bioreactor design/hydrodynamic simulations so to facilitate translation of small scale systems into full scale (process development firms)
According to the call text we also need partners with expertise in water recycling and treatment as well as evaluation of eco-efficiency.
We are also interested in joining another consortium!

Organisation Details

Lonza Ltd.

Name: Lonza Ltd.


Address: Muenchensteinerstrasse 38

Basel   4002 SWITZERLAND

Type: Industry

Number of Employees: > 500

Turnover: 1656.79 million euro

Keywords: water;bioreactor;process development;stem cells;monitoring;upscaling;cGMP;therapeutic

RCN: 87196

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