Urban Growth in the Climate Change Context - Geospatial Monitoring & Modelling

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University of Nottingham, Malaysia campus (UNMC)

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VU, Tuong Thuy (Dr.)
Assistant Professor
University of Nottingham, Malaysia campus (UNMC)

Telephone:              +60-389-248757        +60-389-248757


Project Proposal

Title: Urban Growth in the Climate Change Context - Geospatial Monitoring & Modelling

Type Details: The acceleration of urbanization process is resulted in hardly exploiting land resources for growing settlements and transportation infrastructures. The sealing soil causes a strong negative impact on urban environment and human life quality such as urban heat island effect, frequent flooding due to the impedance of percolation into the aquifer. The impact is obvious in Asian, and Vietnam in particular due to emerging economy and tropical climate and it is getting worse as the climate is changing. It has been seriously concerned in Europe but not in this region.
The research firstly uses remote sensing technology to monitor the urban growth process plus the on-going frequent flooding in rainy season and increasing heat in dry season. The collected historical rainfall and temperature then are integrated to reveal the contribution of urban growth into extreme phenomena in addition to the effect by climate change. Using simulated climate change scenarios, it is possible to project the impact in the future. The biggest city in Vietnam, HoChiMinh city, is 1 of 10 most severely impacted cities worldwide due to climate change (ADB, 2010) is selected as the case study. School of Geography, UNMC is house of environment, climate change, remote sensing and GIS experts. We are developing extensively research collaboration in tropical Asian region. Especially, the on-going research works with Vietnamese counterparts ensures the successful implementation of this research. As EU prioritizes the investment to emerging Asian market, a research done in a selected Asian city is aiding the technology transfer to Asia, contribute to a sustainable development of the market on one hand. One the other hand, it will bring the great experiences back to refine the current growth process in Europe. A comparative study between Asian and European development scenarios, is a must extension

Programme (Collaboration EU R&D): FP7-PEOPLE

Expiry Date: 2012-06-09

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University of Nottingham, Malaysia campus (UNMC)

Name: University of Nottingham, Malaysia campus (UNMC)

Department: School of Geography


Type: Research; Education

Keywords: Remote Sensing, GIS, urban growth, climate change, sustainable development

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