Development of computer Roentgen tomography with resolution capacity of up to few scores of nanometres

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Project Proposal

Title: Development of computer Roentgen tomography with resolution capacity of up to few scores of nanometres

Type Details: The St. Petersburg Company involved in research and development in the domain of medical X-ray diagnostics has developed a portable Roentgen-diagnostic complex for stomatology. The Complex is designed for performing diagnostic studies in stomatology and maxillofacial surgery in nonstationary conditions: in the field and domestic conditions.The Complex is designed for performing one of the microfocus roentgenography: a new trend in medical diagnostics. The idea of the microfocus roentgenography includes a number of techniques for obtaining X-ray imaging with the aid of X-ray machines whose X-ray tube's focal spot size is less than 100 m. For comparison, the X-ray tube's focal spot size in the machines used for traditional contact roentgenography is about 1 mm.
The microfocus roentgenography possesses a number of essential properties when forming the X-ray imaging of biological objects as compared with the traditional (classical) contact roentgenography. The most important of them are these:
- enhancement of sharpness and contrast of the image;
- a decrease in the irradiation dose;
- economy of consumed power.

The Complex enables one to obtain well aimed pictures of separate teeth and parts of jaw. When using a Roentgen tube with reverse radiation emission and a special device for visualization it is possible to obtain panoramic imaging of dentures of both jaws. Compared with the stationary dental Roentgen machines, the Complex possesses a number of advantages: - its construction provides complete isolation from the main power, the power supply of transducer and the conjugation block is fed through a respective PC USB bus, a notebook being used as the PC;
- small size and weight of the Roentgen machine enable one to carry out all the layings known in the aimed dental shooting, using no additional stand:

Programme (Collaboration EU R&D): FP7-COOPERATION

Expiry Date: 2012-06-14

Target Partner

Expertise: Development and manufacture of the Roentgen-diagnostic machines of medical designation, supply of the Roentgen-diagnostic equipment of medical designation.


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Name: Ltd.


Type: Research; SME (Small or Medium sized Enterprise); Technology transfer

Number of Employees: 10 - 49

Keywords: Medicine, Human Health, Dentistry / Odontology, Stomatology, Diagnostics, Diagnosis

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