LCA Training workshop on nanomaterials
University of Bremen, Nemčija, 26-27 September 2011

Datum objave: 20.07.2011

Kategorija: Aktualno na Univerzi

The European FP7 project NanoSustain ( is organising a 2-day workshop on life-cycle assessment (LCA) of manufactured nanomaterials and nanotechnology based applications, at the University of Bremen, Germany, on the 26th & 27th September 2011.

The aim of this specific LCA workshop is to provide an overview on current R&D activities in

Europe in this particular field, to present and discuss the LCA work carried out within the Nano-

Sustain project in the light of the latest findings, and to introduce relevant tools to assess the life cycle impact of nanomaterials. Current methods used for LCA, LCIA and the available software for LCA modelling will be demonstrated. The main focus will be on individual manufacturing processes and other life cycle phases (such as recycling or disposal) including the total life cycle of nanomaterials.


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