Drug discovery and development of MAP kinase modulators and Ras protein inhibitors for the treatment of inflammatory conditions (i.e. arthritis and psoriasis), cancer and CNS disorders (i.e. Alzheimer’s disease and ictus)

Datum objave: 20.07.2011

Kategorija: Aktualno na Univerzi

Partnership request description:  Allinky Biopharma is focused on the discovery and development of small molecule drugs for the treatment of chronic inflammatory conditions, age-related degenerative diseases and cancer. The innovative approach of Allinky, based on recent advances of molecular medicine, proposes to address the treatment of these prevalent pathologies at their molecular origins. Moreover, the therapeutic targets are MAP Kinases and Ras proteins Under discovery and development by Allinky are small molecule therapeutics that have the ability to recognize and interact with certain cell proteins driving malignancy and disease. These innovative drugs have been specifically designed to abate these protein signals by interfering with either their capacity to network with surrounding proteins (protein-protein interaction) or their activation status (allosteric interaction). Expertise offered: HEALTH.2012.1.2-1. Development of technologies with a view to patient group stratification for personalised medicine applications: Allinky Biopharma as a partner within a EU-funded consortium can design and develop drug candidates against MAP Kinases that are either markers or targets for personalised medicine. HEALTH.2012.1.4-1. Innovative approaches to solid organ transplantation: Allinky Biopharma develops MAP Kinase inhibitors against oxidative stress conditions and fibrosis that might be applied to increase transplant organ viability. HEALTH.2012.2.2.2-1. Integrative systems biology and comparative genomics for studying human aging and/or most common age-related diseases: Allinky Biopharma develops MAP Kinase inhbitors for the treatment of chronic inflammation, oxidative stress conditions and fibrosis which are all common factors in age-related diseases (i.e. Alzheimer's disease, sarcopenia and Osteoporosis). HEALTH.2012.2.4.3-1. Innovative approach to manage diabetes: Allinky develops new therapeutics that target molecular pathophysiology of type II diabetes. Moreover, these innovative molecules are allosteric JNK modulators that work as insulin sensitizers. HEALTH 2012.2.4.5-1. Technological approaches combating sensory impairment: Allinky Biopharma develops IGF-1 sensitizers that may promote organ and tissue regeneration in ocular diseases (i.e. corneal diseases, keratitis, dry eye disease, retinitis, glaucoma, macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy and other visual disorders) and ear disease (hearing loss or otosclerosis among others) HEALTH 2012.2.4.5.-2. Biomarkers and disgnosis for chronic inflammatory disease of the joints and/or digestive system: Allinky Biopharma as a partner of a EU-funded project can provide with novel and innovative molecules for the treatment of chronic inflammatory diseases of the joints (i.e. osteoarthritis or cartilage loss among others)
Project proposer:   Miguel Vega (Spain)
Description of the project offered:   Medicine. Health, Biotechnology, Life science
Partner role:  Project participant
Partner organisation:  Small or medium-sized enterprise (SME)
Call for proposal title:  N/A

Description of the collaboration sought: Animal proof of concept for insulin and IGF-1 sensitizers Crystallography expertise to elucidate ligand-target binding Formulation and medicinal chemistry to improve pharmacokinetic properties of chemical compounds ADME evaluation in animals Toxicology evaluation in animals
Expertise sought: Medicine. Health, Biotechnology, Life sciences, Medical biotechnology, Veterinary and animal sciences,
Roles sought: Project coordinator, Project participant,