Datum objave: 20.07.2011

Kategorija: Aktualno na Univerzi

Partnership request description:  This proposed project will develop potential lightweight materials using thermoplastics, polymer nanocomposites and fibre-reinforced polymers, composites, and deploy them into the body parts, chassis and heavier interior systems. The project will look at: - Reducing the structural weight: by developing and improving the material properties, and designing and optimising structural layouts. This will also include the physical test and numerical simulation. -Exploiting new materials characteristics: this will look at a number methods to improve the material properties and conduct both numerical simulation and physical test to assess the capability to deal with asymmetric crash conditions (opponent of higher size and weight) in the case of very light vehicles. Fire resistance of the proposed advanced materials will be taken into account -Improve/Develop related production process, in particular developing suitable forming and joining technologies, to guarantee reliability, robustness and safety. Cost analysis will be used for developing production process to ensure a cost effective production and assembly process even with a wide range of vehicle variants; -Carrying out of an appropriate life-cycle analysis of the advanced materials and the respective components and systems, including dismantling and recycling technologies; -Carrying out an economic analysis, including material resources availability and costs. A life cycle cost model will be developed to optimise the material selection, structural layout design, and production techniques/processes. Sensitivity analysis will be conducted, and trade-offs and optimisation will be made to ensure lower life cycle for vehicles where a wide range of variants exist.
Project proposer:   James Njuguna (United Kingdom)
Description of the project offered:   Transport, Aerospace technology, Materials technology, Nanotechnology and Nanosciences, Energy storage. Energy. Transport, Measurement methods, Reference materials, Standards, Safety, Climate change and Carbon cycle research, Social aspects, Education. Training, Evaluation, Innovation. Technology transfer, Scientific researc
Partner role:  Project coordinator
Partner organisation:  Education
Call for proposal title:  N/A

Description of the collaboration sought: The proposal will fall under GC.NMP.2012-2 and we are targeting EC partnership from both Industry, SMEs, Research Organisation and Academia specilising in Materials, Polymer Nanocomposites, Auto parts and Automotive sector in general. Partners already available are from UK, Spain, France and Italy. Maximum 8 - 9 partenrs targetted.
Expertise sought: Transport, Materials technology, Nanotechnology and Nanosciences,
Roles sought: Project participant,
Organisation types sought:
Countries sought: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom,