Euro Mediteranean Institute of Risk Science (IEMR) ponuja trem študentom UL ( Pravna Fakulteta, Ekonomska fakulteta in Fakultetea za gradbeništvo in geodezijo) možnost študija (Risk Science Master) na njihovem inštitutu v Franciji v letu 2011-12.

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In the Euro-Mediterranean region, it is essential for students to be trained in risk management (economical, geopolitical, environmental, industrial…) in order to achieve peace and stability. If we combine the subjects, work experiences, jobs and local problems, we will allow people to become Risk Managers and adapt themselves to a world which is more and more complex. 
We offer for 3 Ljubljana Universities Students, from Faculty of Law, faculty of Economics or Faculty of Civil Engineering to join the Risk Science Master program and study abroad in Sophia Antipolis (France) for two years. The candidates apply for the new school year 2011 - 2012. They will start the new school year on Monday, 24th October.
Students who have a Bachelor degree can apply for a Master in a Risk Science. The first year is a core curriculum in Risk Science, and the second year of Master is specialized. The IEMSR is supervising some Ph. D (in environment, natural risks, sustainable development, financial risks…) under joint supervision or not with the professors of its partner universities.
The IESMR has signed some agreements with 22 universities and schools which will allow the students to receive three M2 degrees: one from their home university, one from the IEMSR and from the university, or school where they will be studying their specialty. It is crucial for students to do their internship and to work in at least three countries which belong to the Euro-Mediterranean region. At the end of the M2, students become risk managers.
Thanks to a partnership between the IEMSR and the campus of the CIV (Centre international de Valbonne) rooms are available for students.  The campus is an international boarding school located in Sophia Antipolis, at the center of the technopole. 800 pupils and students from all around the world stay on the campus. 2 restaurants of the CIV are available for breakfast and dinner. As for lunches, students can go to the university restaurant of the SKEMA.

Tuition fees amount to 5 000 euros per year, which includes 800 euros for the student fees. The IEMSR offers 5000 euros scholarships. However, living expenses budget is estimated at 4000 euros per year.
Please find attached the IEMSR introductory document, useful information document and the application form.
If you have any questions or if we can be of help in any way, don't hesitate to contact us at .

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