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SciTech Europe - Advancing Research, Innovation and Collaboration

24 November 2011, The Square, Brussels Meeting Centre

At our 3rd annual SciTech Europe conference we will explore how to develop an integrated approach to research and create the right conditions for innovation, invention & industry to flourish. Delegates will gain a strong understanding of European science policy, and have the opportunity to engage with stakeholders, funding agencies & leading academics.

This prestigious international conference will bring the European science community together where speakers will discuss:

• Collaborate European research

• How to achieve better value for money and successful outcomes

• The development of innovative health solutions and achieving excellence in life sciences

• Frontier research and the latest technologies

• How best to take innovative ideas and pioneering solutions into the commercial market

• Addressing the unprecedented global challenges such as climate change, healthcare, energy and food security.

This will provide the platform for the opportunity to forge new networks, promote frontier research and debate the key initiatives that can benefit science and society.