Evropska komisija je 16.1.2012 objavila novo verzijo dokumenta FP7 Financial Guidelines.

Datum objave: 01.02.2012

Kategorija: Aktualno na Univerzi

Naštevamo nekatere najpomembnejše dopolnitve:

  • Art. II.2. further details on voluntary guarantee submitted by a coordinator
  • Article II.4.4: Certificate on Financial Statements (CFS): possibility of voluntary submission of a CFS below EUR 375,000 threshold; possibility that it covers only part of the costs, with the consequence that the counter will be re-set to the amount not covered by the CFS.
  • Article II.4.4: Confirmation that if the Commission has carried out an audit of the costs incurred by a beneficiary in a given period, the Commission can waive the obligation for the audit certificate for that period.
  • Article II.14.2: Third parties of Special Clause 10 will submit CFS only when their individual EU contribution reaches the 375,000 threshold of EU contribution.
  • Art. II.19 Exemption from the obligation to generate interest on pre-financing: extension of the exemption from the obligation to generate interest on pre-financing to include not only the opening but also the operating of an interest-bearing bank account.
  • Art. II.14: Further details on cost eligibility of bank charges, flat rate for daily subsistence and accommodation, parental leave, travel costs, bonus payments, recruitment costs etc.
  • Art. II.14: Inclusion of a web link to a list of taxes/charges which have been examined and declared eligible/not eligible under FP7
  • Art. II.16: Clarifications on the activities which may be charged under the category "other costs", including "Management costs"
  • Annex III: Specific explanations for ERA-Net + and Research for SMEs

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