Datum objave: 20.04.2012

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FP7 CONNECTIONS 2012, Bratislava 16. Maj 2012


On behalf of organizers of the FP7 CONNECTIONS 2012 Conferenceand bilateral meeting I would like to invite you and/oryour research organizations to this event.


The FP7 CONNECTIONS 2012 takes place in Bratislava, Slovak Republic on 16May 2012 and will bring together researchers from both academia and industry to discuss their projects ideas.


We would like to ask you to distribute the information among potential participants in FP7 - who  will be able to meet more than 200 potential partners for their projects and/or consult their ideas  with the national experts from EU countries.


For more information and registration please visit: http://www.7rp.sk/fp-7/fp7-connections-2012-eng.html .

If you have any questions regarding the event please do not hesitate to contact me.