Datum objave: 24.05.2012

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European Research Council (ERC): changes for the upcoming calls

The European Research Council (ERC) published the planned changes for the Work Programme 2013. With the adoption of the European Commission on 9 July 2012 these changes will be confirmed.


The following changes are planned:

§  Introduction of the "ERC Consolidator Grant": The previous grant scheme ERC Starting Grants will be divided into to seperate calls. Scientists from 7 to 12 years after their PhD are eligible to apply for the Consolidator Grants.

§  For each call there will be only one deadline; thus, the deadlines will not be seperated according to the three domains of the ERC any longer.

§  The call for the ERC Advanced Grants will be published already on 10 July 2012 with a deadline in autumn.


Overview on the calls planned for the Work Programme 2013:

Starting Grant

§  Publication on 10 July 2012

§  Deadline on 17 October 2012

Advanced Grant

§  Publication on 10 July 2012

§  Deadline on 22 November 2012

Synergy Grant

§  Publication on 10 October 2012

§  Deadline on 10 January 2013

Consolidator Grant

§  Publication on 7 November 2012

§  Deadline on 21 February 2013

Proof of Concept

§  Publication on 10 January 2013

§  cut-off dates on 24 April & 3 October 2013