Datum objave: 24.05.2012

Kategorija: Aktualno na Univerzi

DG Research and Innovation has announced the following timetable for the Call in the Specific Programme 'Cooperation', theme 'Environment incl. Climate Change' (Call 2013):

At the beginning of May DG Research and Innovation plans to publish an orientation paper with information on the upcoming call. This document is equivalent to the draft by DG Research and Innovation for the work programme 2013. The draft includes basic information to the topics for the coming calls, but without budget and 'Call Fiche'. This draft (which has already been discussed with the programme committee and the External Advisory Group among others) will be circulated between all relevant EU Commissioners ('Interservice Consultation'), who can make comments or ask for changes during a given time frame. Therefore, further modifications to the original draft might be expected. The publication of the final draft of the work programme has been announced for the beginning of June. This draft will contain the complete text including budget and 'Call Fiche'.


The official publication of the call and the official Work Program 2013 is expected for mid July (28th calendar week).  



The AID will inform you on further developments.


As usual the Commission will organize central information days on the call 2013 in Brussels:   

§  Information day on the Joint Call 'Ocean of Tomorrow': June 6, 2013

§  General information day for the Call (ENV-2013): June 11, 2012


The overall call within the Specific Porgramme 'Cooperation' in summer 2012 (which will also include the call for the Theme “Environment”) will be the last call of this kind within the 7th Framework Programme for Research and Innovation (2007 – 2013). The next calls are planned for the end of 2013 with the start of the new program HORIZON 2020 (2014 – 2020).