Datum objave: 24.05.2013

Kategorija: Intranet - Odprti EU razpisi


Naziv: IPA: Reinforcing Support of CSOs in Enhancing Transparency and Good Governance in Croatian Public Administration

 This is a restricted Call for Proposals. In the first instance, only Concept Notes must be submitted for evaluation.

OPOMBA: public higher education institutions, public academic institutions and public research organisations[1]may be involved as co-applicants in projects but may not apply as applicants.

The global objective of this Call for Proposals is: to enhance the role of CSOs in the process of achieving consistent and durable application of the principle of good governance in all public policy sub-sectors.

The overall indicative amount made available under this Call for Proposals is € 2.500.000.

Deadline for submission of Concept note: 28 June 2013

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[1]    Co-applicants will be required to prove that they are founded as a public higher education institution, public academic institution or a public research organisation according to relevant legal Act of the Country involved.