Datum objave: 03.06.2013

Kategorija: Intranet - Odprti EU razpisi

INSTITUCIJA/PROGRAM: EC/ Transnational Tourism Products Naziv: Cooperation projects to support transnational tourism based on European cultural and industrial heritage

 The final goal of the present call for proposals is to complement regional and national policies by supporting transnational cooperation and joint initiatives aiming at designing innovative transnational products in the fields of cultural and/or industrial tourism, with a view to contributing:

1) to differentiate the European tourism offer by capitalising on and giving value to the shared cultural heritage; 2) to economic regeneration and job creation in declining (post) industrial regions through interregional and transnational cooperation projects in the field of tourism.

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Please note that the deadline for electronic submission is 31 July 2013, 17.00 hours

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