Datum objave: 21.08.2013

Kategorija: Intranet - Odprti EU razpisi


Naziv:   »PROGRESS« Support to activities implemented by NGOs organised at European level JUST/2013/PROG/AG/NGOS (SPECIFIC PROGRAMME “PROGRESS” (2007-2013)  SECTION 4 – ANTIDISCRIMINATION AND DIVERSITY   SECTION  and 5 – GENDER EQUALITY)


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Rok prijave:              1. oktober 2013


Trajanje projekta:   1 leto

Vrednost razpisa:    7.35 millijon €                           

Opis :                                   This specific aims of the call are to support activities which contribute to the development, implementation and monitoring of European and national policies and legislation exclusively in one of the following areas:

                                     •Non-discrimination and Roma integration.

                                     •Equal rights for persons with disabilities.

                                     •Equality between women and men .


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