We have the pleasure to inform you that the City Council of Strasbourg has decided to reconduct the programme of grants for students of the "Club de Strasbourg" for the academic year 2007/2008.

Datum objave: 19.03.2007

Kategorija: Razpisi

To remind you, this programme consists in allocation grants to students who would be interested in carrying out their studies in an University or Academic School of Strasbourg and also giving a grant to students of Strasbourg interested in studying in an University based in a City Member of "the Club de Strasbourg".

You will find enclosed all the information about this grant scheme, the description of the criteria and the conditions for application. We would be glad if you could inform all you students about it.

All the information about the "Strasbourg Club" grant scheme can also be found:

From now on your students who are interested can load the application form and fill it.

I remind you that your institution has to transmit the candidacies to the International Relations Department of the "Host University or School" in Strasbourg. Please note that the Host University will transmit us these candidacies before April, 30 th, so please mind the deadlines!
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Izdajatelj:  Mestni svet mesta Strasbourg
Datum objave: 12. februar 2007
Datum zaključka: 30. april 2007

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