The European MSc course in Tourism Management (EMTM) is a two-year world-class integrated joint programme aimed at qualifying graduates to deal with the huge challenges in contemporary tourism.

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The indispensable complexity of the tourism phenomena demands professionals with a far-reaching and integrated understanding of the multiple disciplines and paradigms that are concerned with the subject. The European Master in Tourism Management (EMTM) aims at giving students advanced knowledge in contemporary tourism management in order to become international professional consultants, innovative entrepreneurs, government and public administration officials, tourism business managers, qualified employees, and academic researchers in the field of tourism.

The EMTM will accomplish these objectives by securing a multiparadigmatic approach to tourism management where the different paradigms and disciplines are bound together through the frameworks of sustainability and competitiveness. Emphasis is put on the paradoxical nature of, and integrative skills needed in the effective management of tourism, and three different national, geographical and cultural European realities will be experienced.

Why should I choose EMTM?

Through a top-level, research-based education, graduates will gain the required competencies for working in the development and management of sustainable tourism, a firm theoretical foundation, international experience, and openness to foreign cultures. The successful student will be able to apply to high-level PhD programmes or pursue a career in practice .

The EMTM Partners

The EMTM Course is offered by a consortium of three European universities:

  • THE UNIVERSITY OF GIRONA: Faculty of Tourism and Communication. Girona, Catalonia, Spain
  • THE UNIVERSITY OF LJUBLJANA: Faculty of Economics. Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • THE UNIVERSITY OF SOUTHERN DENMARK: Faculty of Arts. Esbjerg , Denmark
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    Deadline for EU residents: 1 May 2008