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We would like to introduce our M.Sc. programmes in Mechanical Engineering which will most likely be of interest to students:
• Automotive Engineering
• Combustion Engines
• Computer Aided Conception and Production in Mechanical Engineering
• Production Systems Engineering

The programmes are designed to equip students with all key skills required by modern industry. Our programmes are appropriate for both students with a bachelor degree as well as engineers straight from the industry. They specifically target international students and are offered in English language. Furthermore, students can improve their capability to guide and organize project teams, as well as their skills concerning scientific documentation and communication.
After the first two semesters, the students hand in a mini thesis. To be granted the Master Degree, the students spend the fourth semester attending a compulsory industrial internship (9 weeks) and a period of 4 months working on a master thesis associated to the chosen programme.
The opportunity to take part in applied research projects will be offered.

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Master AE
Master CAME
Master CE
Master PSE