What is the UL Alumni Code of Ethics?

University of Ljubljana Alumni Code of Ethics

The University of Ljubljana’s alumni clubs, all their members, colleagues and volunteers (jointly referred to as UL Alumni) shall adhere to the University of Ljubljana Alumni Code of Ethics. The Code of Ethics reflects the wish of the alumni clubs of the University of Ljubljana that all club members pursue the highest ethical and moral standards.

Rather than supersede, the Code of Ethics supplements the applicable legislation and other rules in place in individual professions or professional associations of which an individual UL Alumnus/-a may be a member.


UL Alumni stand for respect and application of the following values:

  • Integrity UL Alumni keep their promises. Our good name depends on honesty, fairness and respect in relation to everyone.
  • Wisdom UL Alumni value and share their knowledge. We believe that knowledge is the key to personal, professional and national development.
  • Responsibility UL Alumni accept responsibility towards younger generations and the nation’s progress. We help raise young people to become top experts.
  • Pride UL Alumni are aware of the quality of the education they have received at the University of Ljubljana. We respect its rich history and its contribution to the development of the Slovenian nation. We are proud to present ourselves as UL Alumni and reinforce its reputation.
  • Collaboration Together, we can achieve more. UL Alumni connect with one another and help each other.


UL Alumni respect the law and each other.

Inappropriate level of communication: In the context of activities pursued by the alumni clubs of the University of Ljubljana, Alumni maintain a high level of communication and avoid hate speech, which includes but is not limited to expressing opinions and ideas that are by their nature discriminatory or directed against various minorities, professions or public figures.

Violations of the Code of Ethics may be sanctioned with various disciplinary measures, which include:

  • warning of violation of the UL Alumni Code of Ethics,
  • temporary or complete withdrawal of UL Alumni benefits,
  • temporary or permanent prohibition on using the online platform,
  • warning before expulsion,
  • temporary or permanent expulsion from the alumni club.

A disciplinary measure may be ordered by the head of the club of which the violator is a member, or in the event of a violation by a club, by the University of Ljubljana Rector’s Office.


You can communicate any violations observed to your alumni clubs or, in the event of club violation, to the University of Ljubljana at alumni@uni-lj.si.