Študenti predstavili prvo električno formulo v Sloveniji
The presentation of Eldrax at the end of May attracted a large number of people.

Photo: Uroš Modic and Miha Godnič

Students Present the First Electric Racing Car in Slovenia

Students of the University of Ljubljana unveiled the first electric racing car in Slovenia. The racing car called Eldrax was created as a result of interdisciplinary cooperation of students from different fields, with the help of their professors and a strong support of the economy. With Eldrax, the students will compete with teams from leading world universities in the framework of the Formula Student competition. In July, they will also take part in a competition in Italy, followed by another one in Hungary.

As much as 90% of the components of the racing care were developed and made in Slovenia, and are the result of the work of students and sponsor companies. After two years of working on petrol racing cars called Minka and Griffin, the "Superior Engineering" student team decided on electrification; the decision was based on trends in the automobile industry. Members of the team, uniting knowledge from the fields of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, mathematics, economy, law, and design, have set high goals for themselves this year. With extensive support from sponsors, they managed to build the first electric race car complying with the rules of the Formula Student competition.

The Eldrax racing car weighs around 240 kilograms and can go from 0 to 100km/h in three seconds, whereas its end speed is limited to 120km/h. This year's racing car is distinguished by its brand new chassis, this time entirely composed of carbon fibres, carbon rims for wheels, and titanium slings. The students put a lot of effort into finding components that would be lighter, more powerful, and better than those used in the past years. Since few teams construct a new chassis every year, they mostly focused on the possibility of perfecting the existing chassis in the coming years. This is why this year's chassis has already been created bearing in mind the future developments of a four-wheel drive, being able to be used by drivers of different heights, and having an optimally positioned battery pack.

The key element of the Eldrax racing car is that it was based on Slovene knowledge and development. Tim Novak, team leader and driver of the racing car, says: "The construction phase was unbelievably difficult for all of us, since we set really high goals for ourselves, as always. In regard to timing, we finished even sooner than last season, which proves that our organisation and efficiency are greater, too."