Photo: personal archive, Text: Kaja Stradovnik

Vičič Aleš

Ranks among the best known sports psychologists in Slovenia. He is a psychology graduate of the Faculty of Arts, where he obtained a master’s in psychology. He obtained the additional title of sports psychologist, and completed training in the third level of behavioural cognitive therapy.

For over 20 years now he has been involved professionally in the psychological preparation of sports people. His mission is to use psychological advances to get sports people to function superlatively and thereby achieve outstanding results. He has worked with more than 400 sports people and trainers in 40 different sports at all levels of quality. His biggest contribution to Slovenian sport was achieved during his long-term work with 130 top Slovenian sports people, including a full 60 Olympic athletes.

From 1998 to 2006 he was employed at the basketball club Union Olimpija. After 2006 he operated independently, expanding his activity to practically all sports in Slovenia. Most commonly he has worked with top Alpine skiers, ski jumpers and cross-country skiers, basketball players, table tennis and football players, kayakers, archers, swimmers, gymnasts, cyclists and athletes. 

In 2012 he established the professional team Support for Top Achievements, which comprises four sports psychologists. Aleš Vičič is the mentor and leader of the team, which today offers services for all sports federations, clubs, schools and individual sports people and trainers throughout Slovenia. Outside the realm of sports he also offers his services to managers, teachers, educators, performers, management and others in the form of consultation on grappling with stress and improving effectiveness.