Janja Božič Marolt
Photo: Jože Suhadolnik, Text: Kaja Stradovnik

Božič Marolt Janja

Works in the field of market research and public opinion polling, brand management, media and marketing. She gained her diploma as a sociology graduate from the UL Faculty of Social Sciences. She lives and works in Slovenia. 

Janja Božič Marolt is the founder of Mediana, the Institute for Market and Media Research. Mediana is a successful international company focused on providing various kinds of market research. Before she started her own company, she was director of the media department of Studio Marketing at Delo. Now she is chair of the boards of Mediana companies in Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia and Macedonia, and a representative of ESOMAR, EMRO and Win GIA in Slovenia. She manages a licence partnership with the global company Kantar for TGI and Xpert for seven countries. She is a regular lecturer at B2, and speaks at the Economics Faculty, Faculty of Social Sciences and DOBA Faculty. She advises on media communication strategies and brands. She lectures and conducts round tables at marketing and business conferences in Slovenia and abroad. In 2001 owing to her success in the field of advertising and market research she received the title Advertising Personality. She always ascribes her success to her colleagues and wider team, with which they gained a high profile through accurate election predictions. Janja Božič Marolt bases her knowledge of consumers, electoral bodies, markets and media on trustworthy data.