Sandi Češko
Photo: Grega Žunič, Text: Kaja Stradovnik

Češko Sandi

Political Science graduate from the UL Faculty of Social Sciences and a successful entrepreneur. He is co-founder of Studio Moderna and owner of Octaspring technology, with a huge market in Eastern Europe, the UK and USA. 

He founded Studio Moderna in 1992 with Livija Dolanc. It is now a leading company in the area of direct marketing in Central and Eastern Europe. It is spread over more than 20 countries and reaches 450 million consumers. The Studio Moderna business model is highly innovative and commercially successful, so it is used at prominent business schools (Harvard, Columbia, Stanford) as an example of successful business practice. The Octaspring technology is also successfully penetrating the most demanding sectors including aviation (collaboration with the Airbus company), cars, furniture and numerous others.   

Sandi Češko is regarded as a successful entrepreneur and exceptional business innovator. He is the founder of Zavod Viva and co-founder of the political Forum 21. He has been a member of the supervisory boards of several Slovenian companies and a member of the National Council of Slovenia. He is a member of several business associations in the area of direct marketing (DMA, ERA) and the Clinton Global Initiative organisation. He is also active in Slovenia, where he serves as a member of the Council of the Economics Faculty, the supervisory board of IEDC business school in Bled, CEED, and he was a member of the council of governors in the American Chamber of Commerce in Slovenia. In 2013 he joined the prestigious network of the Duke of Edinburgh's International Award. As a mentor he advises young entrepreneurs, something to which he devotes 50 to 100 hours a year, and he is a highly valued speaker at international business schools. He also lectures at Harvard and other business schools and associations.

His work has earned him several awards, with some of the more recent ones being the Electronic Media Marketing Association (EMMA) prize and the prestigious prize of the Crystal Cabin Awards 2017, which he received for the integration of octopus technology into aircraft seats.