Iza Login
Photo: Tania Mendillo, Text: Kaja Stradovnik

Login Iza

Holds a master’s degree from the Faculty of Computer and Information Science, and gained further training at the IEDC Bled Business School. Together with her husband Samo in 2009 she founded the company Outfit7, which they launched successfully with their own initial capital. 

Samo and Iza saw their chance when Steve Jobs predicted the arrival of the Apple app store. They assessed the market and trends and within one week their mobile app became a world success. Talking Tom first appeared in June 2010, and on the first weekend jumped to the top of the mobile app ladder. Their globally successful games, Talking Tom and Friends received several awards. In 2016 the applications App Annie, My Talking Tom and My Talking Angela were ranked among the top 10 most downloaded free mobile games in the world. 

Prior to establishing her own companies Izzis, Outfit7, Login Establishment and Login5 Foundation, Iza worked in various Slovenian IT companies in management roles. She was head of projects at Marand, head of e-business at Nibble, head of IT system sales at ITS Intertrade Sistemi, head of IT infrastructure at Sandoz and head of the expert technical advisers at Microsoft.

Currently she works within her own foundation, Login5 Foundation, and is also director of Login Establishment and Matea Benedetti Limited, which is an ethical and sustainable brand associated with the concept of beauty, luxury and innovation.

She and her husband regularly pay back to society. They are major philanthropists and they support the initiative The Giving Pledge, where they invest the majority of their time and resources in non-profit environmental projects. Since they sold the Outfit7 company in 2017, through their Login5 Foundation they have been focused on environmental issues.