Bine Žalohar
Photo: Dejan Labes, Text: Kaja Stradovnik

Žalohar Bine

Passionate extreme sportsman; freestyle skier, surfer, mountain and BMX biker, parachutist, climber and underwater fisherman. He shoots film of freestyle skiing, and travels extensively for his work. He spends the majority of his time in Slovenia, Australia, Japan and Indonesia. 

Bine Žalohar graduated from the Faculty of Sports, then took further training and obtained a licence as a third-level skiing instructor, MoU, ski guide and mountain guide, and holds an AFF parachute licence. He is self-employed, earning his living through occasional project work, guiding, ski instructing and sponsor projects. In Slovenia he participates actively in the Kranj Alpinist Section.

For 10 years Bine competed in exhibition competitions, in the ASP (professional freestyle skiers association) and FIS (International Skiing Federation). He is a seven-time national champion in the disciplines of slopestyle, big air, half-pipe and freeride. His most important win personally was at the ASP Big Air competition One Hit Wonder in Australia. He stopped competing, since he believes that it limits him and he would rather focus on making promotional videos and film content. These allow him greater freedom, diversity and creativity and contribute to popularising extreme sports. He has also made quite a few Alpinist ski descents. He is motivated to discover ski runs above 3000 m. He has numerous partners that support him, including Elan, Zeal Optics, Karpos, Garmin, Dalbello and Backcountry Access.

Among his greatest successes, he himself counts his jump from the 23-metre cliff at Brseč, skiing the steep slopes above Argentier (glacier – Chamonix), holding his breath under 2-metre waves on Nias, a 1260 degree backflip on the 31-metre jump at Thredbo, skiing from the summit of iced-over Mt Elbrus (5642m) and hunting down good powder in the crater of the Yotei volcano.