Alenka Krapež
Photo: Tina Ramujkić, Text: Kaja Stradovnik

Krapež Alenka

Employed at Vič Grammar School. She graduated from the UL Faculty of Electrical Engineering, and gained her master’s at the Faculty of Computer and Information Science. As a supporter of innovative ideas she helps pupils find fulfilment.

For 11 years she has successfully managed Vič Grammar School as head teacher. For her successful work, in 2017 she was awarded the Apple of Inspiration, a national award presented by the Slovenian President as a mark of admiration and gratitude to exceptional individuals.

She strives for the development and establishment of the subject of information technology. She has written several textbooks on the subject, and she has actively participated in getting it placed on the matura leaving exam list, she has published articles on the topic of teaching and managing and has lectured as an invited speaker on topics of teaching and mutual relations.

One of the fundamental goals of head teacher Alenka Krapež is to establish a creative and cooperative environment and to promote and facilitate a spirit of exploration. She is open to different initiatives, and with her colleagues she seeks outside mentors – researchers and experts from scientific and research institutions and from the business sector. Her methods and support have contributed to the recognition and reputation of Vič Grammar School. She strives to improve the material conditions for work, and has overseen the extension and renovation of the school. She has facilitated the projects Vič goes to space and Calypso. She also has a hand in many other successes of the school. In 2017 Vič Grammar School also became the Career Orientation Centre West.