Nežka Poljanšek
Photo: Matej Družnik, Text: Kaja Stradovnik

Poljanšek Nežka

A graduate of the Faculty of Health Sciences at the University of Ljubljana, a successful physiotherapist for professional sports people, including the Slovenian team at the winter and summer Olympic Games. She runs her own physiotherapy clinic FizioNežka.


She gained knowledge and experience in the areas of physical therapy, rehabilitation, fitness and in various therapy exercises. Through her postgraduate education she focused on manual techniques, which are part of traditional medicine and cover a range of different therapeutic techniques applied by the hands. During this time she also became familiar with cranio-sacral therapy, which added breadth and depth to her years of education. In this kind of treatment the therapist uses gentle pressure, sensing the cranio-sacral rhythm, composed of the skull, backbone, sacrum, meninges, brain and spinal cord, thereby sensing and clearing any irregularities in the functioning of that system.

In her work she uses a range of different techniques and therapies, which she fuses into a homogeneous search for the best solutions. She is a holistic therapist, meaning that she takes care not just of the body but also the patient’s spirit.

Over her career she has collaborated with a variety of sports experts and sports people, firstly with athletes under the leadership of Srdjan Đorđević, particularly Marlene Ottey, then later with numerous others. She was also the physiotherapist for two-time Olympic champion and World Cup winner Tina Maze, three-time Olympic champion Luka Špik, middle-distance runner Maruša Mišmaš and former President of Slovenia and Yugoslavia Janez Drnovšek.