Bruno Dujič
Photo: arhiv CBD d.o.o., Text: Kaja Stradovnik

Dujič Bruno

Graduate of the Faculty of Civil and Geodetic Engineering (FGG) in Ljubljana, involved in project design, development and research in the field of wooden structures, and one of Slovenia’s (and the world’s) foremost exports on building with wood. He is employed at the Intech-Les development centre and is the owner of the CBD d.o.o. company.

Dr Bruno Dujič is involved in developing new wood construction technologies, with an emphasis on earthquake resistance. His career began at the FGG, which gave him the knowledge to start his own company, CBD d.o.o., which specialises in the project design and construction of wooden buildings. As head of the company, he places great emphasis on research, development and innovation in state-of-the-art earthquake-safe wood construction, and a number of his technical solutions are patent-protected.

Dr Dujič has received a host of awards for his work and research. In 2011 he received an award for his engineering achievements (specifically for research and design relating to wooden structures in earthquake zones) from the Slovenian Chamber of Engineers. In 2013 his company, CBD d.o.o., received a national award from the SPIRIT public agency for its technical solutions to wood construction, and in 2017 Dr Dujič received a Puh award for his work on developing ribbed, cross-laminated panels/walls, which could become a future cornerstone of the construction of multi-storey wooden buildings. The advantage of cross-laminated panels/walls is that they use less wood and improve the mechanical properties of the material.