Severa Gjurin
Photo: Jana Šnuderl, Text: Kaja Stradovnik

Gjurin Severa

An alumnus of the Ljubljana Faculty of Education, musician and nominee for Slovenia’s Woman of the Year 2010. Severa Gjurin is a versatile singer and artist involved in both music and the fine arts.


A graduate in arts education, she creates a thoughtful and acoustically rich mix of jazz, pop and rock. She began her career as a singer in the band Olivija, whose songs were written by her brother Gal. They have composed and appeared together since childhood. She gradually moved into songwriting and a solo musical career. Her current band is a quartet comprising double-bassist and bassist Žiga Golob, guitarists Dejan Lapanja and Uroš Rakovec, and drummer and percussionist Blaž Celarec.

She has worked with many well-known musicians, appearing with Vlado Kreslin in the song “Abel in Kajn” and recording an album, Časovne skice, with Borut Činč. She has also worked with Gal Gjurin on a number of symphonic projects. She sang the title track to the film Hit poletja, and appears in “Take Me to Heaven” (a reworking of “Srna”) in the film Iron Sky. Her appearances leave us in no doubt that Slovenia is also capable of producing pop music of the very highest quality. Her regular concerts at SiTi Teater and SNG Drama, both in Ljubljana, have been selling out for a number of years now.

Alongside her musical career, she is involved in the fine arts and arts education, which she studied at the Ljubljana Faculty of Education. She enjoys sharing her knowledge at workshops for children and young people, and stimulating their creativity with unusual, “funky” art tasks. Smells and tastes are transformed into images and representations, drawing unconscious analogies between symbolic values and materials, textures and sensual shapes. She has conducted gallery tours, taught extra-curricular courses and helped students prepare for enrolment at design school. She still organises workshops, particularly sensory workshops.