Mateja Svet
Photo: personal archive, Text: Kaja Stradovnik

Svet Mateja

Alumna of the Faculty of Health Sciences in Ljubljana, she is an icon of Slovenian and Yugoslav Alpine skiing. A world champion and Olympic runner-up, she is employed today at the University Psychiatric Clinic in Ljubljana.


In the 1980s Mateja Svet competed in Alpine skiing. At the 1988 Olympic Games she won the silver medal in slalom, and she holds five medals in the world championships, also winning the world cup seven times, and she won a small crystal globe in the giant slalom. She concluded her competitive career at a young age. 

At the Ljubljana University Psychiatric Clinic she is employed as a graduate occupational therapist. She is specialised in the field of psychodrama, which is an action-based method of group psychotherapy. She works in various psychotherapy units, where she helps people with mental health issues.