Tine Lugarič
Photo: Robert Lupše, Text: Tinkara Kern

Lugarič Tine

Tine Lugarič graduated in communication studies from the Faculty of Social Sciences in Ljubljana. He currently works as creative director at the Luna/TBWA advertising agency and is in charge of marketing and communications for major Slovenian and regional clients.


Tine has 15 years’ work experience behind him and has received more than 100 awards and prizes at advertising festivals in Slovenia and abroad. In the last year, the “Heroes Drive in Pyjamas” campaign, for which he was creative director, has received an Excellence in Road Safety award, the highest such award in Europe, as well as numerous other awards, while his “Bangers? No, thanks!” campaign received two silver and two golden awards at the most recent Slovenian Advertising Festival. What distinguishes Tine and the entire Luna/TBWA team is their complete knowledge of the market, their flexibility and their constant willingness to learn new things in relation to the development of brands, products and communication channels, and all the innovations that come with Industry 4.0. This makes them the most effective advertising agency in Slovenia.


Tine Lugarič’s work focuses on attracting people’s attention. He fully understands that the media environment is over-saturated with information, which means that creativity has an extremely important role to play when it comes to formulating messages. Despite the pressures that come with the job, Tine loves his work and enjoys it as he would do a hobby – indeed, creative man that he is, he has coined a new word to describe himself: “delohobik”.

He exercises his creative impulses outside work as well: he has been involved in music for over ten years as a member of the hip hop group Tekochee Kru, and even today enjoys making his unique Embisi skateboards in his spare time. His efforts do not stop there, as he loves sharing the knowledge he has acquired during his creative career with other people. He also frequently gives lectures at faculties and at events such as TedTalk and Creative Mornings.