Anja Šešum
Photo: Šimen Zupančič, Text: Tinkara Kern

Šešum Anja

Anja Šešum knew from a very early age that she wanted to devote her life to sport. First it was rowing, to which she gave most of her time and which allowed her to develop her own sporting career. Despite her excellent results, she soon began to feel that she had reached the peak of her abilities in the discipline, so she decided to continue her education while remaining closely connected to sport, her first love.

She enrolled in the kinesiology course at the Faculty of Sport, eventually graduating with a Master’s, and attended the Academy for Manual Therapy at the same time. She began working for Ilka Štuhec very soon after graduating; this thrust her very quickly into the world of elite-level professional sport. As this brought with it a great deal of responsibility, she treated her work from the outset with tremendous respect and, over time and as she gathered a wealth of positive experience, she gained in self-confidence and began to cultivate a deep love for her work.

She left Štuhec’s team this year after four years working with the champion skier, having decided to expand her activities into a variety of other fields, from working with rowing teams and helping athletes to recover from injury to leading fitness training and treatment sessions. After re-entering education and attending a range of professional seminars, she has now embarked on new challenges in Austria, where she will help the women’s downhill skiing team, which is currently the strongest in the world.

Anja loves learning and testing her skills against ever-tougher challenges. She enjoys her work tremendously and is a very hard-working person by nature. She would like to see her discipline of kinesiology become regulated in a more systematic way and be used to complement physiotherapy. In her opinion, the current situation is preventing the differences between the two professions from being properly appreciated and understood. She sees her mission as ensuring that the athlete feels as fit as possible, and strives to ensure that kinesiologists in Slovenia are able to connect and work with physiotherapists in pursuit of this common goal.