In 2007, the University of Ljubljana, in accordance with guidelines adopted within the European University Association (EUA), established a Doctoral School and thus took over the institutional responsibility for doctoral education in the programmes of all scientific fields supported by the University. Thereafter, the University of Ljubljana committed itself to strengthening the Doctoral School through a strategy for the 2012–2020 period.


The Doctoral School is a coordination mechanism for monitoring and quality assurance of doctoral education within the common European higher education space and is intended for both concept and content coordinated doctoral education at the University of Ljubljana. It serves the following primary functions:

  • to ensure the quality of doctoral education;
  • to prepare uniform strategic guidelines in the field of doctoral education;
  • common coordination of international cooperation;
  • to reach uniform standards in all doctoral programmes (rules, instructions, recommendations);
  • to provide concerted expert support for the providers of the study programmes.


Within the scope of these tasks the Doctoral School will strengthen, encourage and provide:

  • links to research activities within and outside the University;
  • interdisciplinarity and cooperation between doctoral programmes in all fields;
  • a unified front in international space and in Slovenia;
  • uniform mechanisms of quality monitoring in programme implementation;
  • unified treatment of doctoral students in study processes;
  • oversight to prevent doubling of scientific fields in study programmes;
  • how programmes are devised in order to reach a critical mass of students and teachers;
  • unified enrolment conditions for doctoral programmes;
  • suitable organisational and financial conditions, and staff to carry out the programmes.


Within the Doctoral School there is an advisory body operating as a council of doctoral programme coordinators who manage, coordinate and present doctoral programmes.


The Senate of the University of Ljubljana adopts all important decisions in the field of doctoral education which are proposed by the Commission for Doctoral Study.