Extracurricular Course Syllabus

International project work within the EUTOPIA Alliance

Course type

Extracurricular activity


4 ECTS credit point

Study programme

For earning ECTS credits in first and second-cycle study programmes.


First- or second-cycle student status. Active knowledge of English (level B2 recommended).


Learning and teaching methods  
  • Lectures: 4 hours.
  • Individual work: 92 hours.
  • Seminar: 4 hours.
  • -    Individual and group consultations
    -    Work placements
    -    Experiential learning
    -    Cooperation with local and international partners
    -    Participation in competitions

Public pitching of project results at the final meeting
or preparation of a written report, which is presented to the public, followed by a pass/fail assessment.


Content (Syllabus outline)  
Work on international projects obtained by the EUTOPIA alliance, including:

-    implementation of project activities
-    international, interdisciplinary and inter-sectoral coordination of project activities
-    organisation, communication and dissemination of project activities
-    participation in the management of individual groups of projects
-    connecting with the local communities
-    participation in developing solutions to local and international challenges (learning through project work)
-    gathering, editing and analysing different types of data – writing research reports

The content and complexity will be adapted to the study cycle.

Objectives and competences

Course objectives:
-    Develop knowledge and competences in the field of project management
-    Develop the abilities and knowledge required for international communication and dissemination
-    Mastery of knowledge and skills in the area of knowledge transfer and integrating academic and non-academic spheres

-    General project planning, leadership and management skills
-    Understanding and coordinating project objectives
-    Ability to write (reports, records, proposals, press releases, etc.)
-    Networking, exchange of information and best practices
-    Ability to communicate in an international environment
Intended learning outcomes   Knowledge and understanding:
-    Project work and planning
-    Monitoring and coordination of project results
-    Communication and dissemination of project activities
-    Cooperation with the non-academic sphere


Core readings include documents related to the project and the call for applications, as well as project management literature. Additional course readings are determined by individual course providers in agreement with the course coordinator.
-    Selected articles from journals Slovenian Project Network, International Journal of Project Management , International Journal of Managing Projects in Business and International Journal of Project Organization and Management
-    TURNER, J. Rodney: Handbook of Project Based Management: Improving the Process for Achieving Strategic Objectives, 4th Edition, 2014


The courses are financed by the University of Ljubljana and free of charge for students of the University of Ljubljana.