ECTS sports subject

ETM Exercise to music

Course type

Extracurricular activity

Number of ECTS CP


Study programme

ECTS credit points can be obtained for the first or the second cycle of the study programme.


Enrolment in the first or the second cycle of a study programme of the University of Ljubljana. Requirement for taking the exam is 75% attendance of the course.

Methods of work

  • Lectures: 10 hrs.
  • Tutorial: 50 hrs.
  • Individual work: 30 hrs.


The exam is scored from 110 in accordance with the Statutes of the University of Ljubljana. Theoretical (50%) and practical (50%) exam.


Sports clothes and clean sports shoes, towel, bottle of water.

Content of ECTS sports subject

  • Different types of aerobics or group exercise as a form of general physical and especially condition preparation.
  • Technique of moving structures in selected genres of aerobics and integration into simple choreography.
  • Exercise to strengthen major muscle groups, exercises for body shaping, stretching and other methods of flexibility exercises to improve endurance, coordination, balance and precision.
  • Various forms of relaxation.
  • Monitoring the effects of exercising.

AEROCLASSIC is a primal workout aerobics, covering the composition of choreography, transitions from easier to harder, from basic steps to aerobics dance moves and athletic elements. After the aerobic part of the exercises for strengthening individual muscle groups are the exercises where one works with his own weight on the floor, but the workout concludes with stretching.

AEROFLOW is the exercise in which we do not practice within the strict limits of aerobic choreography and music, but perform interrelated exercises by segment. The purpose of the exercise is to conquer the movement of individual sets of muscle groups of the whole body and not just as a tonic but also an expansion in the movement of static , the ¾ cycle. Music is a bit more subdued and we do not dictate a wild pace , but it is more in depth ( "deep muscle workout" ).

TNZ (Abs, Bums, Thighs) is an effective fitness workout that strengthens all muscle groups, where emphasis is set on the " critical " female zones, abdomen , legs , buttocks. As we practice in a group under the instructor's pace with pleasant music, time passes quickly.

AEROSTRETCH covers sets of dynamic exercises (choreographed) and static stretching in conjunction with the new technique of the Nirvana fitness centre, where great emphasis on breathing techniques is given to increase lung capacity and improve blood circulation in the whole body, and learn how to most effectively utilize breath in conjunction with each movement.

This is the morning hour of awakening the body, mind and spirit, for efficient and thorough stretching of every muscle in the body, and by the time we leave we are rejuvenated and full of energy. Stretching is a very impoverished part of general sessions, which often lack knowledge in this area, and we want this hour to teach students the proper execution of exercises, to enrich their knowledge and provide exercises as a prevention against damage or selection of appropriate exercises after injuries.

Objectives and competences

  • Raising awareness about the value of sport, influence the formation of positive attitudes to sport and getting used to a healthy lifestyle.
  • Eliminating and preventing the consequences of the lack of movement or concern for the improvement of mental and physical fitness, health promotion and creative use of leisure time.
  • Knowledge and understanding of the effects of different kinds of aerobic exercise on the cardiovascular system, neuromuscular and energy system, influence on body weight, psychological well-being.
  • Knowledge of the correct procedures for implementing the movement of structures of different types of aerobics.

Intended learning outcomes

Students should gain general knowledge of motor skills and moving patterns, and become trained in the selected category of aerobics to such an extent that they would acquire lasting sport and recreation habits.
Understanding the basic motor structures in aerobics, leading to effort, relaxation and gaining permanent knowledge in this field.

To avoid the negative effect of sports inactivity during the study, with the help of acquired knowledge, and to maintain adequate fitness and body condition, as well as offsetting the negative effects of pressure during the study.

To ensure lasting moving habits in everyday living through this direct experience.
Ability to use literature, use of teaching aids, identification and problem solving, critical analysis, reflection on the literature and teamwork.


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