ECTS sports subject


Course type

Extracurricular activity

Number of ECTS CP


Study programme

ECTS credit points can be obtained for the first or the second cycle of the study programme.


Enrolment in the first or the second cycle of a study programme of the University of Ljubljana. Requirement for taking the exam is 75% attendance of the course.

Methods of work

  • Lectures: 10 hrs.
  • Tutorial: 50 hrs.
  • Individual work: 30 hrs.


The exam is scored from 110 in accordance with the Statutes of the University of Ljubljana. Theoretical (50%) and practical (50%) exam.


Sports clothes and trekking shoes, bottle of water,  poles for nordic walking (if you do not have your own you can rent them). 

Content of ECTS sports subject

Course content - theory:

  • The history of Nordic walking and running
  • The importance of Nordic walking and running in recreation and rehabilitation after injuries
  • Equipment for Nordic walking and running
  • Elements of the techniques of Nordic walking and running: two-stroke diagonal step, double step with both-hand reach, triple step with both-hand reach, Nordic walking with an exaggerated thrust, Nordic walking without exaggerated thrust
  • Methodology of teaching elements of the techniques of Nordic walking and running
  • Video analysis of the technical performance of individual elements of Nordic walking and running
  • Basics of planning and programming exercises (assets, volume, intensity) for different age categories of participants

Course content - practical:

  • Basic information regarding the use of the equipment
  • Methodology of teaching individual elements of the techniques of Nordic walking and running and correction of errors and shortcomings in the implementation
  • Gymnastic exercises (stretching, relaxing and restorative) using rods
  • Collective demonstrations in various elements of Nordic walking and running
  • Games through the use of rods
  • Implementation of a march in Nordic walking
  • Performance in front of other participants

Objectives and competences

The primary purpose is to educate students from all faculties in the field of Nordic walking and running.

The general objectives:

  • Raising awareness of the values of sport and the formation of positive attitudes towards sport
  • Expression of a healthy lifestyle with regular exercising, preventing the consequences of lack of movement, taking care to improve physical abilities, getting used to the creative use of leisure time

The specific objective of competence:

  • Knowledge of the theoretical basics of Nordic walking and running
  • Mastering the basic elements of art movements in Nordic walking and running
  • Mastering methodical procedures in the teaching content of Nordic walking and running

Intended learning outcomes

Understanding the concepts, rules and procedures defined in the curriculum;

Application of knowledge in the field of sport in our daily lives to compensate for the negative effects of unilateral load during the study;

Use knowledge for successful planning, execution and analysis of the training process by means of Nordic walking and running in the field of sports recreation;

Use of domestic and foreign literature, the use of appropriate teaching aids, identification and problem solving, critical analysis, successful work with the group and individuals


  • Pustovrh, J. (2014). Nordijska hoja in tek z osnovami športno rekreativne vadbe (študijsko gradivo).
  • Lončar, M, & Lebar, M. (2004): Nordijska hoja – priročnik za začetnike. Ljubljana: Agencija za šport Ljubljana.
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  • Fichtner, H. (2003). DVD - SecretsofNordicwalking. Luhe-Wildenau: MusicBits Rainer. 
  • Other literature according to lecturer's suggestion.   


The ECTS sports subject is financed by the University of Ljubljana. For students of the University of Ljubljana the ECTS sports subjects are free of charge. Participation in the ECTS sports subjects is at the student’s own risk.