ECTS sports subject


Course type

Extracurricular activity

Number of ECTS CP


Study programme

ECTS credit points can be obtained for the first or the second cycle of the study programme.


Enrolment in the first or the second cycle of a study programme of the University of Ljubljana. Requirement for taking the exam is 80% attendance of the course.

Methods of work

- Lectures: 10 hrs.

- Tutorial: 50 hrs.

- Individual work: 30 hrs.


The exam is scored from 110 in accordance with the Statutes of the University of Ljubljana. Theoretical (50%) and practical (50%) exam.


Swimwear (bermuda shorts are not allowed), towel, swimming goggles recommended.

Content of ECTS sports subject

The basic Content of ECTS sports subject includes practical work in the pool and lectures. The theoretical information is also included during practical work and in the classroom. Students learn methodical procedures.

The contents are divided into:

  • Learn to swim for non-swimmers
  • Learning the techniques of swimming starts and turns
  • Enhancement – Correction of swimming techniques
  • Learning the basics of water rescue

Objectives and competences

  • Raising awareness about the values of sport and beyond that influence the formation of positive attitudes towards sport and getting used to a healthy lifestyle
  • Eliminating and preventing the consequences of the lack of movement or concern for the improvement of mental and physical fitness, health promotion and creative use of leisure time

ECTS sports subject-specific competencies:

  • Proficiency in all four swimming techniques and swimming starts and turns in all 4 techniques
  • Mastering the basics of water rescue
  • Knowing the basics of swimming learning

Intended learning outcomes

Knowledge and understanding of the concepts, basic laws of nature, phenomena, structures and processes in swimming;

Use of laws of nature in the case in practice;

Own understanding of theory and practical experience, evaluation of conformity between the theoretical principles and practices;

Ability to use literature, teaching aids, identification and problem solving, critical analysis, group work


  • Venceslav Kapus in sodelavci (2001). Plavanje – učenje. Ljubljana, Fakulteta za šport: Inštitut za šport.


The ECTS sports subject is financed by the University of Ljubljana. For students of the University of Ljubljana the ECTS sports subjects are free of charge. Participation in the ECTS sports subjects is at the student’s own risk.

Theory of the subject will be organised inside of one whole weekend.