ECTS sports subject


Course type

Extracurricular activity

Number of ECTS CP


Study programme

ECTS credit points can be obtained for the first or the second cycle of the study programme.


Enrolment in the first or the second cycle of a study programme of the University of Ljubljana. Requirement for taking the exam is 75% attendance of the course.

Methods of work

  • Lectures: 10 hrs.
  • Tutorial: 50 hrs.
  • Individual work: 30 hrs.


The exam is scored from 110 in accordance with the Statutes of the University of Ljubljana.  Theoretical (50%) and practical (50%) exam.


Skates with brake, pads, helmet, water.

Content of ECTS sports subject

The inline skating ECTS sports subject is designed for students who wish to improve their knowledge and quality of inline skating. The main theme of the ECTS sports subject is safety rollerblading. In addition to the theoretical and practical knowledge, it is very important to initiate the participants to using the knowledge of safety even for personal use. Inline skating is a combination of several sports, so the usefulness of this ECTS sports subject applies so much more. It is an ideal preparatory course to cross-country skiing (skating technique), alpine skiing and ice skating.

Practical treatment techniques and methodology training are divided into three basic sections: movement forward - backward, stopping and turning. In addition, inline skating skills participants will learn include the basics of Nordic skating.

Theoretical part:

  • History of inline skating
  • The importance of rollerblading in recreation, professional sports and rehabilitation after injuries
  • Equipment and its usefulness, use and maintenance
  • First aid and prevention in skating
  • Methodology of teaching inline skating

Practical part:

  • Share information and attach to the equipment
  • Practical treatment techniques required and additional rollerblade services
  • Maintenance of inline skates
  • Off Road (use the acquired knowledge in the everyday environment when rollerblading)
  • Elementary games and preparation of polygons to learn inline skating
  • Practical treatment of the basic elements of Nordic skating

Objectives and competences

  • To acquaint participants with the theoretical knowledge of rollerblading with the basics of first aid and prevention of damage while rollerblading.
  • Upgrading practical knowledge of participants from inline skating basics to more complex elements of inline skating
  • Upgrading practical knowledge in the field
  • To acquaint participants with the basics of Nordic skating

Intended learning outcomes

Knowledge of Roller skating for this ECTS sports subject is not necessary because this is an ECTS sports subject to provide new information. After completing the ECTS sports subject rollerblading, participants will be able to perform the activity through self-involvement on the ground with regard to the legality obtained in the ECTS sports subject.

Critical evaluation of the conformity between the theoretical principles and practical handling; Identification and problem solving, critical analysis, synthesis, work in teams


  • Gros A., K. Gros, M. Škorjanc (2014): Delovno gradivo za program rolanje Centra za univerzitetni šport: Združenje učiteljev in trenerjev rolanja ICP Slovenija, Ljubljana


The ECTS sports subject is financed by the University of Ljubljana. For students of the University of Ljubljana the ECTS sports subjects are free of charge. Participation in the ECTS sports subjects is at the student’s own risk.