Extracurricular Course Syllabus

Study excursion

Course type

Extracurricular activity


3 ECTS credit point

Study programme

Single masters study programme.


Students can during the whole study apply to different study excursions organized by the lecturers. The duration of the excursion should be at least 4 days. Students are then required to present a certificate of the mentor that proves he/she took part in the excursion. If the student acquired a certificate from three study excursions worth 3 ECTS combined, they are recognized within the study programmeas and equal substitute of an elective courseB.


Learning and teaching methods  
  • Seminar: 60 hours.
  • Individual work: 30 hours.
  • Individual and group research field work, preliminary cabinet research analysis of biographies and other sources, critical individual workinvolving synthesis that is thematically incorporated into the framework of required courses of the study programme.

Success at exam is assessed with grades »pass« / »fail« according to University of LjubljanaStatute. The grade is given by evaluating competences and written contributions: -preliminary written presentation of selected architectural works and-oral presentation of architectural works at the site.


Content (Syllabus outline)  
Extra-curricular activity is directly related to the work in courses Design studio 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5. In general, the extra-curricular activity will relateto every theme of the course Design studio 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5.

Objectives and competences

Objectives of the extra-curricular activityare:

-to gain knowledge about the fundamental works of history of architecture;

-to gain knowledge about selected works of contemporary architecture.

Competences of students after the single masters study program are:

-ability to observe and analyse built architectural projects,

-ability of independent solving of practical practice-based problems by analysing other projects,

-communicating and presenting the results of observation and analysis in project groups,

-independence and responsibility in group work.

Intended learning outcomes  

Knowledge and understanding:

-gaining planned new knowledge with the help of analytic and experiential learning,

-gaining presentation skills in a project group.


The basic literature for the implementation of the extra-curricular activity shall be defined by each course coordinator depending on the theme of the extra-curricular activity.


The courses are financed by the University of Ljubljana and free of charge for students of the University of Ljubljana.