Extracurricular Course Syllabus

Research in the field of employability of graduates

Course type

Extracurricular activity


4 ECTS credit point

Study programme

For the recognition of ECTS credit points in study programmes 1 and 2 cycle.


Formal student status at the Faculty of Social Sciences or other higher education institution (social sciences), student of at least a second year of the first cycle, certain level of aquaintance with employability research reflected in CV and motivation letter, interview with the course holder where criteria for selection are motivation to conduct research in the field, high level of commitment and congruence of student's goals with goals of this co-curricular activity.


Learning and teaching methods  
  • Seminar: 10 hours.
  • Individual work: 110 hours.

Project work and report accompanyied by the final research assignment.


Content (Syllabus outline)  

-defining and understanding of conceptsemployability and competencies
-empirical studies of employability at the tertiary level (higher education)
-empirical studies of employability at the secondary level (secondary education)
-understanding of competency approach  -own research

Objectives and competences

Research in the area of competence development and employability in the system of education and transition from education to labour market.

Analytical thinking.

Understanding of international research project.

Intended learning outcomes  

Knowledge and understanding:

formulation of a research report,

application of key concepts and theories of employability,

own empirical and theoretical research in the area of employability and competence development.


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  • PAVLIN, Samo, GRIGIĆ, Božidar. Comparative analysis of vocational education and training in seven European countries. Ljubljana: Faculty of Social Science, 2013.
  • ALLEN, Jim (avtor, urednik), COENEN, Johan, HUMBURG, Martin, PAVLIN, Samo, ROBERT, Peter,
  • SVETLIK, Ivan, VELDEN, Rolf K. W. van der (avtor, urednik), PAVLIN, Samo (urednik). Competencies and early labour market careers of higher education graduates in Europe. Ljubljana: Faculty of Social Sciences, 2011.


The courses are financed by the University of Ljubljana and free of charge for students of the University of Ljubljana.