Extracurricular Course Syllabus

Building and programming a micro-controller

Course type

Extracurricular activity


4 ECTS credit point

Study programme

For the recognition of ECTS credit points in study programmes 1 and 2 cycle.


 General knowledge of electrical engineering that students gain during the first year of studies at UL FE programs or related disciplines of other university members.


Learning and teaching methods  
  • Seminar: 25 hours.
  • Individual work: 55 hours.
  • Lectures: 15 hours.
  • Tutorial: 10 hours.

Priročnik v obliki učbenika, prosto dostopno udeležencem 1
Digitalno gradivo (programi, podpora), prosto dostopno udeležencem 2

Literatura je udeležencem dostopna prek spletne učilnice ali prek spletne strani.

  • http://antena.fe.uni-lj.si/literatura/VajeOK/USB2138/prirocnik/Mikrokrmilnik.pdf
  • http://antena.fe.uni-lj.si/literatura/VajeOK/USB2138/

(eng.) The literature is available only in Slovenian language


The courses are financed by the University of Ljubljana and free of charge for students of the University of Ljubljana.