ECTS sports subject


Course type

Extracurricular activity

Number of ECTS CP


Study programme

ECTS credit points can be obtained for the first or the second cycle of the study programme.


Enrolment in the first or the second cycle of a study programme of the University of Ljubljana. Requirement for taking the exam is 75% attendance of the course.

Methods of work

  • Lectures: 10 hrs.
  • Tutorial: 50 hrs.
  • Individual work: 30 hrs.


The exam is scored from 110 in accordance with the Statutes of the University of Ljubljana. Theoretical (50%) and practical (50%) exam.


Sports clothes, towel, equipment for windsurfing.

Content of ECTS sports subject

Surfing has a long tradition in Slovenia. Options for doing this sport are almost on all water zones. One is especially popular – SUP (Stand up paddle) and is becoming one of the fastest growing sports around the world. For this sport, we have in Slovenia excellent natural conditions. The same goes for windsurfing.
The basic objective of the ECTS sports subject is to train students how to windsurf and SUP and also how to teach windsurfing and SUP.

Theoretical part:

  • Organization of windsurfing and information resources
  • Legal basis, moral and legal responsibility
  • Specifics of theory and of windsurfing
  • Nutrition and windsurfing
  • Psychology and windsurfing
  • Conservation and protection of nature
  • Areas for windsurfing
  • How and where to windsurf
  • Security
  • Equipment for windsurfing
  • Technique and tactics of windsurfing
  • The basic teaching steps to learn windsurfing


  • Seminars of selected topics, which will include an appropriate methodological approach
  • Presentation of the seminars
  • Field work:
  1. technique of windsurfing
  2. equipment
  3. how and where to windsurf
  4. how to prepare for windsurfing

Objectives and competences

The basic objective of the ECTS sports subject is to train students how to windsurf and SUP and also how to teach windsurfing and SUP.

Intended learning outcomes

Students are able to convey basic knowledge about windsurfing.
They can prepare and lead windsurfing courses as a recreational activity.
They are able to assess the technical and physical abilities and capacities of participants and adjust the complexity of the delivered content.


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  • Jadralna regatna pravila 2008-2011. Koper: Jadralna zveza Slovenije.


The ECTS sports subject is financed by the University of Ljubljana, students cover certain part of the cost (transport, accommodation with food, tickets). Participation in the ECTS sports subjects is at the student’s own risk.

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