Publish Date: 13.08.2018

Category: News from the University

The University of Ljubljana has founded a network of University of Ljubljana alumni clubs under the common name Alumni UL. The network currently comprises 35 alumni clubs with the number expected to grow. The main aim is to strengthen relationships, cooperation, and connectivity between the University of Ljubljana, its member faculties, as well as alumni and of course between alumni themselves. The Alumni UL network among other serves an informal transfer of knowledge between generations as well as for informing on career opportunities. From now on, the alumni of the University of Ljubljana can benefit from the Alumni UL online portal.

The Alumni UL online portal features contact data of all alumni clubs of University of Ljubljana member faculties as well as a list of benefits for alumni. The portal serves the purposes of providing information, networking, announcements of job vacancies, promotion of cooperation between the alumni of the University of Ljubljana, and the transfer of knowledge. The portal will also feature the mentoring section for senior students and young alumni to help them enter their career journey more easily.

“The college years are a time that leaves an eternal mark on everyone. In those years, we reach maturity and grow professionally. It is also a time when we make unbreakable bonds; with fellow students, but also with mentors, professors, assistant professors and other co-creators of our college experience. To be able to more easily maintain these bonds and further strengthen them after college, the University of Ljubljana has launched the Alumni UL portal linking all alumni of our university. We want to build a strong network that will offer opportunities for alumni to help one another, to socialise and to support current generations of students,” says vice-rector for the field of knowledge transfer Prof. Tanja Dmitrović, PhD.

Member universities continue to be responsible for the establishment and operation of alumni clubs of the University of Ljubljana, however all clubs together represent the Alumni UL network that will be responsible for umbrella activities. In the future, the Alumni UL foundation will also be founded as a non-profit organisation for the provision of funds for a seamless operation of alumni clubs as well as for the provision of scholarships and research financing.

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