Publish Date: 03.10.2019

Category: News from the University

The 2019/2020 academic year marks the centenary of the University of Ljubljana, the largest and oldest university in Slovenia. Once again, we celebrated the beginning of the academic year with the traditional Welcome Freshmen event held in Congress Square.

Over 3,000 freshmen and older students gathered and familiarised themselves with the University of Ljubljana member institutions, which comprise 23 faculties and three academies of art, at various stands. We baked lava cakes, conducted chemistry experiments, and presented the faculties and academies, as well as the history of the University of Ljubljana, to our new students through games with prizes to be won. There were several stands that introduced the cultural institutions, professional services of the University of Ljubljana, organisations and societies involved in extracurricular activities, and so on.

The students were greeted by the University of Ljubljana’s Rector, Igor Papič, President of the Student Council of the University of Ljubljana, Laura Koudela, Ljubljana Mayor Zoran Janković, Minister of Education, Science and Sport, Jernej Pikalo, and the deans.

To bring the event even closer to students, the Student Council of the University of Ljubljana took over most of the event organisation this year. We saw performances by choirs and a folk-dance group, as well as by students who sing, dance and practice martial arts. Stand-up comics Rok Škrlep and Admir Baltić made the crowd laugh with their stories about student life and all the issues faced by young people. Finally, good music and a lively atmosphere were provided by the music group Jackson.

We would like to wish all students of the University of Ljubljana great success, achievements and knowledge in the new academic year. Let us conclude with a thought by the President of the Student Council of the University of Ljubljana and head of the Welcome Freshmen 2019 project, Laura Koudela: “For 100 years already, it is precisely us, the students, who have co-created the University and made it ours through our ideas and work. Although it may sometimes not feel like it, as individuals we are part of a greater whole, part of an institution, a part that shapes and will continue to shape society. The University offers an extensive selection of formal knowledge, a rich extra-curricular programme and all the mechanisms that help us overcome any obstacles we may encounter, including the Student Council, tutors and University employees. A lot is offered, and it is up to us to decide how we will use all of it and whether we will feel a sense of belonging to something greater. Let us remember that each of us must carve out their own path, but we must build the future together. Let us jointly shape the next 100 years of the University and of society.”

Photos from the Welcome Freshmen 2019 event are available here.

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