Publish Date: 06.12.2019

Category: News from the University

The University of Ljubljana Rector Igor Papič has presented the Prešeren Awards to University of Ljubljana students. Seventy years will have passed this year since the first Prešeren Awards were bestowed on the students of this University.  

“We’re celebrating a double anniversary this year: a centenary of the University of Ljubljana and the seventieth anniversary of the Prešeren Awards,” the Rector commented. The Prešeren Awards were initiated by the University of Ljubljana itself seventy years ago, with the support of the Ministry of Education. The traditional Student Prešeren Award ceremony used to take place around 8 February, but in 2001 it began to be held during the University of Ljubljana Week. “Over the past seventy years, the award system has changed several times, but it has always been those works that reflected independent research, originality, and scientific excellence that have been recognised in this way,” the Rector emphasized. He wished the award winners the successful continuation of their research path and studies, both in Slovenia and abroad.

The keynote speaker, the Head of Quality Control at Lek, Tadej Čepeljnik, shared his experience with the young award winners: “Over seventeen years ago I was in the same place as you are now, and was enrolled in the university’s graduate programme. I had my goal before me and I knew how to reach it. But four years later I felt an emptiness inside me, I had no compass. What had happened to me? How and where should I proceed? I had no vision! Vision, strategy, goals and values are key to any success. I’m worried what we’ve come to. It doesn’t seem right to me that we’ve built our affluence by exploiting the planet and those who’ve been less fortunate and were born in underdeveloped parts of the world. I don’t want to go into the predominant economic system of capitalism and injustice here. We don’t all have to become Greta, because not everyone has that inside. But everyone can help, to the best of their ability, in returning, within reasonable time, to a more balanced and ultimately sustainable coexistence with all the living beings on Earth. So that we can pass on to our descendants an environment that is at least the same as we inherited from our predecessors, or even better.” Čepeljnik also advised the Prešeren Award winners to be curious and creative, and to allow themselves to dream: “This is what gives birth to new ideas and approaches. Let’s be aware that diversity is what enriches us and let’s be inclusive. Let’s promote equal opportunities for all, solidarity, humanism and human rights. These words and ideas may seem hard to live up to, but everyone can pursue them in their work and social environment.” 

The winners of the 2019 University of Ljubljana Student Prešeren Awards are:  

Jaka Mihelač, Academy of Music, for his exceptional achievements in international music competitions and concert Halls 

Janja Šušnjar, Faculty of Architecture, for her master’s thesis Projektna študija novih oblik prebivanja v kraju Topolò/Topolove (A Project Study of New Forms of Living in Topolò/Topolove) 

Andrej Lavrič, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, for his master’s thesis Uporaba frekvenčnega diskriminatorja z optično kasnilno linijo za merjenje faznega šuma (Phase-Noise Measurement Using a Frequency Discriminator with an Optical Delay Line)

Mija Bon, Faculty of Arts, for her master’s thesis Geolingvistična interpretacija primerjalnih frazemov v slovenskih narečjih na interaktivni jezikovni karti: Primerjalni frazemi s pomenom človeške lastnosti (Geolinguistic Interpretation of Comparative Phrasemes in Slovenian Dialects on an Interactive Language Map: Comparative Phrasemes Denoting Human Characteristics) 

Maja Sevšek, Faculty of Arts, for her master’s thesis Razvojni potenciali funkcionalno degradiranih območij Osrednjeslovenske statistične regije (Development Potentials of Functionally Degraded Areas in the Central Slovenia Statistical Region) 

Anže Meden, Faculty of Pharmacy, for his master’s thesis Načrtovanje in sinteza zaviralcev butirilholinesteraze s triptofanskim skeletom (Design and Synthesis of Tryptophan-Based Butyrylcholinesterase Inhibitors) 

Ajda Kafol Stojanović, Faculty of Civil and Geodetic Engineering, for her master’s thesis Ocena kapacitete vodovodnega sistema kot strokovna podlaga v procesu prostorskega načrtovanja (Estimation of Water Distribution System Capacity as an Expert Basis for Spatial Planning Process) 

Uroš Zavrtanik, Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical Technology, for his master’s thesis Strukturne in termodinamske osnove interakcij globularnih in intrinzično neurejenih proteinov (Structural and Energetic Basis of Interactions among Globular and Intrinsically Disordered Proteins) 

Špela Krušič, Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, for her master’s thesis Helijev ultravijolični laser (Helium Ultraviolet Laser) 

Pavlin Gregor Poličar, Faculty of Computer and Information Science, for his master’s thesis Dodajanje primerov v referenčno vložitev t-SNE odstrani razlike med različnimi podatkovnimi viri (Embedding to Reference t-SNE Space Addresses Batch Effects in Single-Cell Classification) 

Jana Sajovic, Faculty of Medicine, for her master’s thesis Vpliv polimorfizmov rs10738760 in rs6921438 žilnega endotelijskega rastnega dejavnika na izražanje proliferativne diabetične retinopatije pri kavkazijski rasi s sladkorno boleznijo tipa 2 (Impact of Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor (VEGF)-Related Polymorphisms rs10738760 and rs6921438 on the Expression of Proliferative Diabetic Retinopathy in Caucasians with Type 2 Diabetes) 

Jan Dominik Bogataj, Faculty of Theology, for his master’s thesis Transformativna vizija metamorfoze v zgodnjekrščanski literaturi (Transformational Vision of Metamorphosis in the Early Christian Literature)

Photos from the event are available here.
Photos: Foto studio NORA d.o.o.