Publish Date: 07.05.2020

Category: News from the University

In view of the current COVID-19 situation in Slovenia, the measures introduced by the Slovenian Government and the recommendations of the University of Ljubljana COVID-19 Coordination Team based on the opinion of epidemiologists and infectologists, the University of Ljubljana Rector, Igor Papič, has adopted the following resolution.

From and including 11 May 2020, the resolution adopted by the Rector on 22 April 2020 shall enter into force, stipulating that work continues to be carried out at home or without personal contact to the greatest extent possible. In cases where scientific research work needs to be conducted on the premises of the University of Ljubljana, it must be performed in accordance with the protocols for ensuring safety against infection in scientific research work, which take into account:

  • the number of people who may be present in the room at the same time (taking into account the room’s size, the required distance of at least 1.5 m between employees and whether the room can be aired);
  • the protective equipment required (masks and other personal protective equipment);
  • available options for sanitising and washing hands and disinfecting objects and work surfaces;
  • protocols for airing rooms;
  • protocols for moving between physically separate units;
  • options for working in shifts.

The provisions of this resolution may also be applied, with necessary modifications, to the activities of the technical, professional, and administrative services, in accordance with previously defined security protocols. 

This resolution does not apply to students’ individual laboratory research work; likewise, all teaching activities will continue to be conducted remotely. In accordance with the resolution of 15 April 2020, we anticipate that the current restrictions on teaching activities can be relaxed on 18 May 2020, pending the relevant decision of the Slovenian Government.

This resolution shall take effect immediately and apply from and including 11 May 2020.