Publish Date: 15.05.2020

Category: News from the University

In view of the current coronavirus situation and the measures introduced by the Slovenian Government, the University of Ljubljana Rector, Igor Papič, has adopted the following resolution.

The following recommendations shall apply:

  1. During the 2019/2020 academic year, academic programmes shall be carried out online wherever possible.
  2. Any instruction that cannot be performed online or in adapted form and is vital to complete the academic requirements may be carried out in the students’ physical presence in one of the following forms:
    • One-on-one training with an advisor (research, training in a simulated environment or classroom);
    • On-on-one training (e.g. clinical training) at teaching institutions if this is made possible by the institution;
    • Any other form if the following conditions are fulfilled:
      • The required physical distancing (of at least 1.5 m) is maintained;
      • Hand washing and the use of hand sanitisers are provided for;
      • Appropriate personal protection equipment is provided for the relevant type of activity (face masks, protective gloves, etc.). The instructor should check the recommendations provided on the NIJZ and Health Ministry websites or consult an epidemiologist;
      • Objects and surfaces are disinfected when the group leaves the room;
      • Rooms are aired;
      • Classes are as short as possible;
      • Before class, the instructor must clearly advise all students to stay at home if they show any symptoms or signs of acute respiratory infection and follow the current recommendations (contact their GP or doctor on call, etc.);
      • The Faculty produces appropriate protocols for preventing the spread of the new coronavirus and protecting individuals against infection and presents them to all employees and students.
  3. Exams
  4. Instructors are recommended to carry out oral exams and theses defences online to the greatest extent possible;
  5. Exams where students are physically present may only be carried out if no other option is possible and if the conditions specified under Point 2 are met.
  6. From 18 May 2020 on, students may again start using the faculties’ libraries, which are required to implement the NIJZ library recommendations.
  7. The physical presence of technical service employees shall depend on the available spatial capacities, the implementation of recommendations set out under Point 2, the produced protocols and the evaluation of whether the employee belongs to a high-risk group. Employees may work from home until the end of the pandemic. The group resolutions ordering employees to work at home still apply. If working from home, employees are required to submit regular reports on their work.

This resolution shall take effect immediately and shall apply as of 18 May 2020 until it is revoked.