Publish Date: 01.10.2020

Category: News from the University

The entry into the new academic year will be different this time. The traditional event Freshmen Welcome of the University of Ljubljana will be held online due to measures against the spread of the new coronavirus. We have set up a special website and an application where our 9341 freshmen will get to know the largest and the oldest university in Slovenia. The website and app will launch on October 1st.

There will be information on study and extracurricular activities, student associations, student councils and organizations. Freshmen and older students will be addressed via videos by the Mayor of the City of Ljubljana, the Rector, the Deans and the President of the Student Council of the University of Ljubljana. Another novelty are the chat rooms, which will be set up for each faculty and academy of the University of Ljubljana. Chat rooms will be open until the end of October, other content will be available throughout the academic year and will be updated.

In the 2020/2021 academic year, the University of Ljubljana will be attended by around 38,000 students. Official data on the number of enrolled students, domestic and foreign, will be known in November.

Freshman Welcome