Publish Date: 14.07.2022

Category: News from the University

An international team of researchers with Sr. Res. Assoc. PhD. Požar Tomaž, a scientist from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, University of Ljubljana, measured elastic waves caused by an optical effect called electrostriction. In this phenomenon, the presence of light compresses matter. By measurement, they refuted most theories describing the basic interaction between light and matter. Even though this is basic research in photonics, its immediate applicability is foreseen in the field of optical manipulation of deformable matter. Example: More specifically, when laser tweezers are used in biology and medicine to manipulate single cells, it is important to know the correct spatial distribution of the force acting on the cells, because intense local optical forces have significant optomechanical effects on the cell. As water is usually the major component of organic soft matter, our description of the electrostriction effect should play an essential role in this scenario. Another application of the results of this work is in the very accurate optoacoustic determination of the absorption coefficient of light in low-loss liquids.

Sr. Res. Assoc. PhD. Požar Tomaž, source: personal archiveSr. Res. Assoc. PhD. Požar Tomaž, source: personal archive

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